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A Guide to Different Types of Calculators

This site provides an overview of the various types of calculators, including basic, scientific, financial, graphing and online calculators. It explains how these calculators work and their unique features and functions, giving you a better understanding of which calculator to use for different mathematical tasks.

Graphing Calculator

A graphing calculator is used for plotting graphs and analyzing functions. It has a larger display than other calculators and may also include features such as programming capabilities, data storage and the ability to connect to a computer.

Online Calculator

An online calculator is a calculator that can be accessed via the internet. It typically has the same basic functions as a basic calculator, but can also include specialized calculators such as BMI calculators, calorie counters and loan calculators.

Scientific Calculator

A scientific calculator is designed for more advanced mathematical functions, such as trigonometry, logarithms and exponents. It usually has additional buttons for these functions and some models may also include features such as graphing or programming capabilities.

Online Calculators

Regardless of the type of calculator, they all work based on the same basic principles of inputting numbers and performing mathematical operations to calculate results. Many calculators also include memory functions that allow you to store and recall previous calculations, as well as the ability to perform complex calculations quickly and accurately.

Programmer’s Calculator

A programmer’s calculator is used for performing calculations related to computer programming, such as binary, octal and hexadecimal conversions. It also has specialized keys for bitwise operations and logical functions.

Financial Calculator

A financial calculator is used for financial calculations such as mortgage payments, interest rates and investment returns. It has specialized keys for calculating these types of functions and may also include features such as currency conversions or amortization schedules.

Engineering Calculator

An engineering calculator is used for performing complex calculations related to engineering, such as calculations related to trigonometry, geometry and physics. It often includes specialized functions related to specific engineering fields, such as mechanical or electrical engineering.

Printing Calculator

A printing calculator is used for performing calculations and printing out a record of the calculations. It is often used in accounting and bookkeeping, where a record of calculations is required.